Sky room

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5-minute walk from Times Square
10-minute walk MoMA, Rockefeller Center

Sky room

[Master Room]

Space as clean and simple interior and best, while receiving the services of the finest hotels of the same level as New York.

Sky room will offer a fun New York stay at reasonable rates. Because it is a master room, is the perfect room to those who wish the unit dedicated bus. It is a suitable flag-room space with large windows, to be called the master room.

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Available information

Reservations -3 nights
- Can accommodate persons: 1-3 Persons
- Check-in : It is admitted after 16:00

- Early check-in : from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
- Late check-in : from 18:00 pm to 24:00 pm

Additional predetermined fee will be charged a late check-in and early check-in. Please see the Q & A for more information.

- Check out : Check out prior to 12:00 pm

I selected this hotel as a top choice!

  • I want to relax in the room and you are taking it easy
  • I want to experience the super-luxury apartment in Manhattan
  • I do not want to share toilet and shower
  • It is not enough to stay in a hotel but I want to receive adequate service
  • I want to work while reducing the accommodation expenses